A long journey in self development starts with a few small steps

The teaching of Albert Ellis is pretty great. The ABC rule is easy and makes sense and can be taught to ANYONE Also, It can be helpful for anyone and everyone. Not only people with mental illness but just plain stress or other physical illness but having difficulty accepting aspects of the illness and dealing wth them. This is because the suggestions and concepts are very practical and rational That is why it is called rational emotive therapy. Replacing irrational unhelpful, self defeating, ridgid, unhealthy thoughts with helpful, flexible, healthy, self helping and non extreme thoughts. When we talk about thoughts, it is closely related to BELIEFS Beliefs are really key to the whole problem.

A-activating event

B- the reponse to that event wthin the person’s mind

C- the consequence of the belief at stage B

Quite simple!

It is amazing how many contexts, problems , situations, illness, mental health problems or just plain stress in which this simple ABC rule can be applied and be helpful . There is no harm in trying. Nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.